General Information

Be sure to follow the search instructions on each of the individual search pages. In addition to those instructions, here are a few helpful tips for searching the database.

If you are unsure of any of the information you are using to search by, don't enter it. Entering fewer items of information will be more likely to return results. This tip applies for searches by owner name as well as property location.

For example, suppose you are looking for property on KING ST, but you are unsure of the property address number. Enter only KING in the streetname field and then select from the results list. Even if you think you know the exact address, you should reduce the information entered into the search fields if your inital search does not find a match. If you are unsure whether the property is located on ST or DR, do not enter that information in the search field.

Also, you may be searching for a street name that could be spelled multiple ways or with or without spaces. Try the search with alternative spellings and configurations. For example, suppose you are looking for DOWNS BROOK DR.
It could be listed in the database as DOWNS BROOK or DOWNSBROOK.

Although every effort has been made to eliminate data entry errors and ensure consistency in location entry, errors will be found in the records. Try several options of spelling streetnames before giving up the search.

Users should also note that address numbers do not exist for properties that are vacant land. The County only provides 911 addressing for those properties with residential or commercial structures. For that reason, locating vacant parcels by searching for property location only can be very difficult in some cases, especially on long roads that run through large parts of the county.

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